Jue. Jun 4th, 2020

Football and Racism

not to racism

Over the years we have seen how racism has been part of many areas of our lives. Racism is in every single corner of the world. Indeed, football is an area where racism has been for many years and the problem is still there. Nevertheless, thanks to education and internationalization these situations have decreased since the 20’s, but we can still see situations of racism.

Furthermore, “nigga, trash, monkey” are some of the insults we have heard in some football matches in the past and recently. Over the last months, we have seen how these racist insults have increased around the world. In fact, in Spain football has lived its worst experience around the 20’s and football and racism never died. Moreover, in first division in Spain a referee has never cancelled a football match due to racist actions. 

Moreover, the nationalist symbology has been present in many football matches in a form of flags. Guss Hidink was one of the first persons to start fighting against racism in football. Furthermore, he was a trainer of Real Madrid and Chelsea among many teams. Years ago, when he was in a football match as trainer of Valencia football club in 1992 he saw a flag with a nacionalist symbol and he decided to ask a worker if he could remove the flag. This action was the beginning of the fight against racism in football. 

Most importantly, racism is not only reflected with shouting and it is also detected in many actions as throwing different things to football players. More specifically, we have seen how hooligans have thrown bananas, coins or peanuts while black football players were playing. Moreover, some players who have suffered these situations are: Ronaldinho, Samuel Eto’, Roberto Carlos or Iñaki Williams.

Roberto Carlos, decided to broke the silence and talk about these situations he suffered in some football matches. More specifically, he heard some monkey sounds when he touched the ball. He announced he will retire from Spanish football if these situations continue. 

Anyway, different football players have different reactions due to these actions. On one hand, there are football players as Samuel Eto’ who has left the match in tears. On the other hand, there are some football players as Dani Alves who decided to eat that bananas or those peanuts. In football and live you can decide how to react and express your feelings.

However, recently we have seen many actions which show racism is still among us. For example, Iñaki Williams a football player of Athletic de Bilbao has been insulted on the 25thof January while he was playing in Cornellà. More specifically, again some hooligans were emulating monkey sounds. Nevertheless, nobody decided to active the system anti-racism which includes cancelling the match. 

Recently, Marega a football player from Porto was another victim of racist insults in a football match. Moreover, he did not feel his teammate support who showed their disagreement with the football player’s attitude. Nevertheless, Iñaki Williams has announced that if he suffers another situation of racism he and his teammate will leave the match and it will be a “punch in the face to racism”. 

Anyway, hooligans are not the only ones who has shown their racist actions and we have seen many newspapers who has been part of the problem. For example, Corriere dello Sport:

Maybe, Iñaki Williams was right, over the years we have lived many situations of racism and we never reacted to them. It’s the moment to face the problem and take it seriously.

Marina Salvador

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